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Friday, July 22, 2011

Innocent behind bars in an Idaho Prison -The Unjust Imprisonment of Scott Molen

By William N. Grigg
Pro Libertate

When he was a free man: Scott Molen (right) enjoys a snowboarding trip with a friend.

Molen is presently serving a prison sentence for a crime he didn't commit -- a fact acknowledged by one of the people responsible for putting him behind bars.
"When you boil the whole thing down and look at it," comments Ken McKay regarding the conviction of Boise resident Scott Molen on charges of sexual misconduct with his step-granddaughter, "there wasn't a single shred of evidence."


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  2. Sadly, you don't get it. If you did you would become more active in fighting these types of injustices in Idaho. Sadly again, you will only "get it" when someone you care for is falsely accused of a crime and sentenced to a life behind bars. Your insensitivity towards this family and their story only shows your glaring ignorance and uncompassionate attitude.

    I feel sick that this type of thing is happening all over Idaho. I know of two other men who were railroaded by a corrupt system. Have you even taken the time to read through their stories? They're regularly posted on this site also. And YES I've read through them every single time they are posted. Why? Because I want to educate myself on what judges and prosecutors will do just to get a conviction, even if the person is innocent.

    If you care so little for this man and his family then you care very little about anyone who is incarcerated because he is enduring every single experience that every other inmate is enduring in an Idaho prison.

    Shame on you for your callous, uncompassionate attitude. Pray that you are never placed in a situation where you will beg for sympathy and compassion. Somehow I believe in karma and I believe that one day it will smack you square in the face.

    And do you realize that the person who is running this website for YOU and for those who are imprisoned who have no voice, and who is running this website for the families and loved ones of Idaho inmates is the very family that this story is about?

    But instead of concentrating on themselves they are helping others. They don't have to, sometiimes I'm sure that they prefer not to. It can't be easy and it can't be fun but they've seen a need. They have seen that there are others who are hurting and unsure of where to go from here - so they have reached out in an effort to help. What are YOU doing other than causing pain and more heartache?

    And a note to this family, my heart bleeds for you. I'm sure it is a continual uphill battle, especially when you are confronted by people such as the person who wrote the above comment People who are viscious and cruel. I apologize for their sensitivity. There are many others of us who understand and who understand why you post this story over and over. In encourage you to continue posting this story until they get it...which may be a cold day in hell. I'm surprised that you don't completely drop this website because so few of these people even care to participate or offer their help.

    Concentrate on YOUR loved one and to hell with these ungrateful selfish people.

  3. I understant both peoples comments and their first amendment right to say them however it seems that whoever is moderating this blog is fixated on this story. Since I have been watching this page I must admit I have seen this story 8 times. I am sure there seems to be good reason but lets be sympathetic to the hundreds of others' stories you are not printing. It is almost as if you are trying to brow beat the reader into believeing the story, for me it deters from the purity in which I am sure it was written. JUST A THOUGHT. YOU KNOW PRINTING THIS STORY OVER AND OVER IS NOT GOING TO GET ANYONE TO "GET IT." Good Luck

    1. The person who moderated this blog at the time of these posts was the late Connie Molen, the wife of Scott Molen. She gave of her time freely to offer support and assist in every way she possibly could, to those who found themselves in similar situations. Not only did she do that, she also campaigned on the part prison inmates and their families in Idaho for better conditions.

      She did this at no cost to anybody but at great cost to herself. She had every right to promote her husband's case as and when she felt like it.

      He still remains in prison and will not be able to apply to be released for over 20 years - for crimes that were never committed.

      Connie died three days after your post. She believed in free speech and allowed this on even though it would have hurt her to do so.

  4. As a friend of this family I want to say that this is not just a story - it is a modern day tragedy. And you say that printing this story over and over is not going to get anyone to "get it" - how true, how sad and how typical of societies attitude. If it doesn't affect you then you don't want to confront it.

    Also I'm sure the moderator of this blog would print any story of wrongful convictions that were sent.

    And I'm not sure YOU "get it". The purpose of this blog, as the url says, is "2manywrongfulconvictions". The purpose of this blog is to hi-light wrongful convictions, to outline what Idaho's legal system did to get a conviction no matter if the person was innocent.

    And I believe, as the moderator if this blog believes, that by printing these stories (I've seen several others here) the public will perhaps realize how scarey the Idaho justice system is and will become more aware of who they vote into office and who they support politically. And you probably think that this could never happen to you, guess again.

    But I see that you are the one's that don't get it so I won't waste any more breath. Your callousness and insensitivity to this families story and the other stories printed here is unconscionable.

    Shame on you.

  5. I'm aghast at the rudeness of some of those who have posted here. It's sad to think that some of you have slipped into such a callous state of mind. Instead of asking what you can do to help and instead of being supportive you more or less tell them to shut up.

    I agree with Anonymous, shame on you.

  6. If anything like this should happen to you, your child, or someone you love would you want those who are supporting your efforts to free yourself to shut up? Food for thought.

  7. To the person/people who complained about this story being posted up more than once, you may be interested to know that the wife of that innocent inmate has just passed away.

    Her memory will become for many a shining beacon of hope, as she has already been, for many over the years.

    Maybe if those liars and their cohorts had not lied and put her innocent husband behind bars, then possibly, just possibly she may have still been with us today.

    Connie Molen. RIP Sweet Angel. It was an honour and a privilege to have known you, albeit through the internet.

  8. It isnt just in America this happens. Its also happening all over the UK! Case in point, my brother, who has been falsely accused, with absolutely no evidence to indicate he did a damned thing wrong, just the accusation is enough for the police to believe her! So i totally empathise with everyone else who is going through the same kind of thing.

    1. Hi anonymous

      I've just noticed your comment - I am in the UK and run an online support group for the falsely accused and their families. If you send an email to the blog owner's address (I have access) I might be able to be of assistance to you.


  9. This accusation rarely has any defense. So many stories even myself falsely accused, preliminary judge at the time told the prosecutor he didnt have much of a case but I went to trial anyways.
    I just read here that Connie passed away, what a horribly sad piece of news I had no idea. Great blog just sad theres nothing that can really be done, someone told me to hire an atty to approach my accuser now that hes 30 maybe he'd recant, however $$$ is always a factor that keeps many of us right where we are

  10. i understand they need to quit putting people in prison that do not belong there and focus on the people that do. also they need to make their guards quit being so rude just because they think they can. that is wrong. then the private prison gets away with a bunch of crap like letting southsiders run the prison and the rest of the people get 24 hr lock down because they profile them as someone their not that is wrong.so i know where you are coming from and i pray that it will change.

    1. The guards are rude not because the THINK they can but because the CAN.... it MORE then wrong and they NEED classes on how to treat human beings as human, only THEN things will change ...............

  11. truee the courts reponsebile for it and even thur they dont have envidence they lock u up by soomeone elses mouth what if the person lies they should start using poly test on every one it woould save the state alot money and be able to find the truth after all theres alot of things we dont know about the inmates going hungry and the prisons lie they dont tell you and i get letters from each nmates all over idaho prisons i wont name them but they dont eat lunch on weekends and the meals are gettin smaller and one of the inmate told me that he alomost passed out lack of sugar and they not eatin enough food they say they care about the inmates which they dont they are liers... they flop the imates passed their ped which they supposed to be paroled and they flop them and some tells me that they are 1 to 8 years past their parole ped dates they finsh ther programs and all and thier promising is no good the prisons say they work together they dont bunch of lies and they dont want to release them erly so they get money from each inmates and they are like 8,000 over booked in the prisons what a shame theres guys going prison for sex crimes.... girls lie about their age and this person gets prison time beause this girl says so an what if she lied oh well this man slept with her to bad u going prison for 20 years for it even though he didnt do it .. she might making this up for reverage the courts dont care u have to plead guilty if u didnt do it and no eviendce tey dont need proof but the persons mouth is proof thats all they care about i feel so bad about molen hes going prison for some he didnt do they should use poly tst is only 100 dallors i dont see wy not and i see some epole get poly test from the da and they pay for it but it doesnt happen often........ they should use erly release if they behave no dors and they do the programs and they should let them out except for murders that actually commit tey took a persons life they dont need to be out period...... and drug gangs stay in prison not let out early bease they are dangerous,,, gang life but i see sex rimes are less dangerous than gangs beause tey didnt take a life and they dereve a seocnd chnce not all sex rimes dpends on what they did if a teen lies that i tink they arent dangerous.. only the ones they prey on young girls on purpose... i mean young ones tht dont know anything.....

    1. Well its wrong periode to pray on young ones ... even teens .. but I understand your comment. But what we REALLY have to beware of .. is that girls/young woman LIE and THAT lie send innocent people to prison ..... The Scott Molen story IS one of those .. a LIE took him there. THIS is what scares me a LOT .... it could happen to every body .. and THAT should be investigated, i HOPE the one that told THIS lie realize that she took Scott AND Connie's life and he will NEVER see her again ... she took every thing away from him, from them. but not only theirs .. also his parents life, all of thier friends life ... she took much more ... I HOPE she can sleep at night, I wonder if she ever thinks about what she did ..... and THIS is what she should do .. take responsebility for what she did.

  12. This is a message to the person who has sent emails from time to time to Connie's email account, attempting to persuade me that Michael Scott Molen is guilty as charged and convicted and that he has (allegedly) got previous similar convictions or charges against him from the past.

    You have invited me to Google his name and you tell me that I will find all the evidence you claim I need to 'prove' that.

    Well I did just that. And guess what, I could find NOTHING that suggests he has EVER been similarly charged and/or convicted, let along accused, of such heinous crimes before the false allegations made against him which saw him wrongly convicted in 2007.

    If you cannot provide absolute proof that he has previous similar convictions or charges against him then you will not be believed and you are wasting your time emailing your continued false allegations.

    Writing and telling lies out loud does not and never will make them true.

    1. And to the person that send these emails.... shame on you. It most be lonely where you are .......

    2. Fortunetly he still has supporters in Garden Valley, Boise but also Nationwide and the UK who do know the truth and believe in him which is what makes each day a Better Day for him. He's endure the hard times, emotional, the nasty food and lost the love of his life which she fought hard for. He never deserved nor saw it coming as many of us have no idea what tomorrow may bring. Hopefully the Bogus Lies will be banished for him this coming year. Perhaps those making the False allegations will be charged as well and see how small their worlds are and do become.

    3. What we DON'T need is negative .. what we Do need is positive there is enough negative in the world ... so to those negative nellies .... go bother yourself and stay where you are, if that makes you happy. Scott and all of us will not deal with you and Helga is absolutly right... and ... do NOT speak badly about a person when they are not able to defend themselves ... stop spreading lies and stop try to convince us, you are on your own .. you are wasting your time ....... and this is what I have to say to whomever is trying to bad mouth a wonderful woman and her husband. And IF you ARE family ... SHAME ON YOU!

  13. This is not only a problem in Idaho!! It has happened to my husband in Washington. For him the crime was a misdemeanor, but still, he didn't do it. Something has to be done to stop the girls/women from falsely accusing. Nothing has happened to my husbands accuser.

  14. So sorry to read this. I miscarriage of justice is still a miscarriage of justice and just as hurtful to the innocent defendant and his family.

    1. A woman accused her husband of molesting their kids, he was in jail for about 7 months .. they found NO prove of these alligations NONE what so ever... so they let him go.
      Now the woman ..his ex.. is on probation for I think 2 or 3 years ... AND IF makes these accusations against him AGAIN she will be locked up for 3 months ........ This didn't happen in the States .. but it surely is something they should look at ... getting to the TRUTH and WARN the liars ... there WILL be a penalty IF you make false alligations.

    2. In the UK those who have been proved to have lied are often given a prison sentence. Sometimes two years (out before serving one) or sometimes they are given a community punishment.

      It is not enough but it is a start. Maybe if they knew they were to be given the same sentence as their victims received or would have received, they may well think twice before doing making their false allegations.

      These liars do the genuine victims a massive disservice.