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Friday, July 15, 2011

Idaho Correctional Center currently employs a doctor who has had sanctions placed against him for using his position as a physician to engage in improper, inappropriate, unprofessional and unethical sexual contact or conduct with certain patients.

Boise doctor disciplined after allegations of sexual misconduct

by Justin Corr
Posted on October 8, 2010 at 6:27 PM
Updated Saturday, Oct 9 at 3:24 PM
BOISE -- A Boise doctor had his license to practice medicine restricted after allegations of inappropriate sexual conduct with patients.
"Obviously, I was shocked," said Bill Alford, who used to see Dr. David Agler at Saint Alphonsus Medical Group.
But Alford called one day, found his doctor was no longer there, and was shocked to hear what he was accused of.
"It really, I think, calls into question the integrity of somebody like a doctor when they're accused of this type of thing," said Alford.
The Idaho State Board of Medicine says that Agler may have used his position as a physician to engage in improper, inappropriate, unprofessional and unethical sexual contact or conduct with certain patients. When contacted, the Board of Medicine refused to elaborate with any details.
Agler is no longer with Saint Alphonsus Medical Group and the hospital released a statement to KTVB, part of which says, "Saint Alphonsus removes physicians from patient care who we determine are unsafe to practice medicine."
These allegations would not constitute any illegal activity, but they are grounds for medical discipline. There was no formal hearing in the matter. Instead, Dr. Agler and the Board of Medicine decided to enter in to an order that Agler would pay a fine, submit to various treatments, only practice medicine in the presence of another doctor or chaperone, and never engage in sexual contact with current or former patients.
But Alford says he still isn't satisfied.
"Cutting a deal is really doing a disservice to the community," Alford said. "Something like using your position for sexual favors is a big deal. And it really should not be something that they're making deals with doctors and letting them still practice medicine."
KTVB attempted to contact Dr. Agler through his former office and attorney, but could not get a response.
Again, these allegations do not constitute illegal activity. But they do violate Idaho Code relevant to doctors and surgeons, and makes them subject to discipline by the State Board of Medicine.
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According to IDOC Dr. David Agler now works for the Idaho Correctional Center as a physician and medical director.

Several inside sources at the ICC allege that Dr. Agler is not adhering to the Hippocratic Oath (see below) and is endangering the health of ICC's inmates. 
 One inmate stated that Dr. Agler is denying him medications that were ordered by a previous ICC doctor and the previous warden becasue of an acute and chronic condition that the inmate is afflicted with.
This inmate (name withheld due to fear of retaliation) stated that Dr. Agler refused to allow him to continue to receive his medication (for a chronic condition) from the medical department and laughed at him when he expressed his fear of being without his medication for the two weeks it will take to order it from commissary.
Other inmates have stated that Agler is endangering their health but wish to remain anonymous because of pending legal action.

A Modern Version of the Hippocratic Oath
I swear to fulfill, to the best of my ability and judgment, this covenant: 
I will respect the hard-won scientific gains of those physicians in whose steps I walk, and gladly share such knowledge as is mine with those who are to follow.
I will apply, for the benefit of the sick, all measures which are required, avoiding those twin traps of over treatment and therapeutic nihilism.
I will remember that there is art to medicine as well as science, and that warmth, sympathy, and understanding may outweigh the surgeon's knife or the chemist's drug.
I will not be ashamed to say "I know not," nor will I fail to call in my colleagues when the skills of another are needed for a patent's recovery.
I will respect the privacy of my patients, for their problems are not disclosed to me that the world may know. Most especially must I tread with care in matters of life and death. If it is given me to save a life, all thanks. But it may also be within my power to take a life; this awesome responsibility must be faced with great humbleness and awareness of my own frailty.
Above all, I must not play at God.
I will remember that I do not treat a fever chart, a cancerous growth, but a sick human being, whose illness may affect the person's family and economic stability. My responsibility includes these related problems, if I am to care adequately for the sick.
I will prevent disease whenever I can, for prevention is preferable to cure.
I will remember that I remain a member of society, with special obligations to all my fellow human beings, those sound of mind and body as well as the infirm.
If I do not violate this oath, may I enjoy life and art, respected while I live and remembered with affection thereafter. May I always act so as to preserve the finest traditions of my calling and may I long experience the joy of healing those who seek my help."

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  1. It's Adler it's Agler. As someone who works with Dr. Agler I can say he takes the Hippocratic Oath very seriously. He also takes IDOC policy very seriously. He is firm, fair and consistent. I am a firm believer in our first amendment, so post away but first know how to spell his name when posting information about him on your web page and then get statements from all parties. Not just those who are imprisoned for breaking the law and feel they are owed better medical care than the rest of us.

  2. As far as those who are imprisoned for breaking the law and their feeling they are owed better medical care than the rest of us, this is completely not true. What the inmates expect is to be given AT LEAST the same standard of care that people receive on the outside from doctors and nurses, NOT the substandard care that they are receiving at the ICC.

    For example there is the case of an inmate who had bowel cancer which was ignored by the physicians at ICC and as a consequence the man had to have his bowels removed.

    And the case of a man who suspected skin cancer on his face...a nurse at Idaho Correctional Center TOUCHED it and stated it wasn't cancer. A year later, after constant pleadings of the inmate to biopsy it, the previous doctor discovered it WAS cancer. It was then surgically removed. Lesions are again appearing on this man's face. Will the doctor at ICC have the forsight to biopsy these to make sure it is not cancer? We'll see and pray that the man doesn't die in the meantime.

    These are only a few of the stories coming out of ICC about the medical care the inmates are receiving.

    If you feel that the medical care the inmates are receiving at ICC is up to par I challenge you to drop your personal doctor and let the doctor at ICC become your regular physician. Would you trust him with your life? If not then why should we allow a doctor to practice medicine who is not professional, who does not administer needed medications, who has sanctions placed against him for sexual misconduct with patients and who laughs at inmates when they voice concerns.

    In a case we heard about Dr. Agler refused to administer medication that was prescribed by a previous doctor and confirmed by the warden because of the inmates chronic condition, forcing the inmate to wait two weeks to order it through commissary. This shows total disregard for human suffering. Denying a patient relief is wrong and any doctor who laughs at a patient because the patient voiced his concerns should be fired on the spot.

  3. What? why would you say "those who are convicted of breaking the law" expect better treatment??? I ask why are those who are convicted of breaking the law subjected to INFERIOR medical care?

    Your comment shows prejudice and a blatant disregard for human suffering. It shouldn't matter if a person is in prison, they should be given proper medical care and not laughed at when they "voice their concerns". How sad that our society has slipped into such a state.

    Haven't I read that this type of attitude - "those convicted of breaking the law", was prevelent during Nazi Germany? But back then it was "those of a different color" "those who are inferior", and those who broke the law by not wearing a patch stating their ethnicity, etc. Same thing...all prejudice and uncompassionate.

    If you work as a doctor or nurse in any capacity how can you make such a prejudiced and uncompassionate statement?

  4. I have to speak from both sides... As someone who also works with Dr.Agler (I am not the person who posted the first statement)I have to say that it is very hard to judge his medical treament of his patients. I will not comment on the allegations made against him, as I also don't judge my patients based on the allegations made against them.
    There are over 2000 inmates housed at ICC and 1 Doctor and 1 Nurse Practitioner. I personally do not see this as an accurate Provider to patient ratio. On top of that, last year some requirements with IDOC changed. This means that we keep those inmates with higher acuity health issues then we had previously. Inmates we would have sent over to ISCI in the past.
    However, our Provider to patient ratio has not changed... Still 2 providers. As a matter of fact, this did not increase when we opened DEF and PIE building, adding a potential 900 inmates. So, when it comes to how we care for our patients, I can guarantee you that 90% of us work our asses off in medical. The ever existing problem of their medical care is not a lack of regard for their health, but we simply cannot meet the demands of every patient every day. I wish this was not the truth. I myself have implemented many changes in medical to try and make it more efficient. Since Dr. Agler has arrived, he has made many positive changes to help the inmates. I will not comment on him laughing in an inmate's face, other than to say I have never seen it and I don't believe it. But I challenge YOU this. Come get a job at ICC medical so you can experience the number of times a day WE are disrespected and threatened. And still we show up to work everyday. I myself work there to try and help a population that most nurses wouldn't dream of helping. If anyone reading this is thinking we are in this for the money or we couldn't get another job, think again. The money isn't worth it alone, and I am a damn good nurse who could get a job anywhere. I also have directly helped save numerous lives out there, but I don't see any postings on that. We have a job with very little "reward" or appreciation. In the hospital when we help patients, their families come hug you and bring you flowers and cards to show you how thankful they are. Where I work, there are forums and news stations blasting us left and right, when at the end of the day we worked 16 hours instead of 10 just to help 5 more inmates..... Just not the 5 the news is talking to...

  5. To "someone who works for Dr. Agler" I would like to say that your statement about inmates feeling they are owed better medical care than the rest of us is a pretty callous prejudicial statement. I'm assuming you are a nurse, and I wonder why you would resent an inmate for wanting proper medical care. I don't think any inmate, if you truly cared to hear their side of it, would say they want better care than the rest of us.

    And another point is that these people are being punished by being sentenced to prison. It is NOT your duty nor the duty of the doctor to punish them because you feel that because of the choices they made they don't deserve proper medical care.

    I'm wondering why you went into the medical field if you feel that inmates deserve what they get because of the choices they've made and that they deserve whatever poor medical care they get. I would serously re-evaluate your level of compassion and your ability to properly care for an inmate. Perhaps you would better serve your fellow man by quitting your job as a nurse and getting a job at the humane society.

    If I've have made wrong conclusions about you I apologize, as I've read pretty much between the lines of your comment.

    If I am right I think it's a shame that inmates have to deal with a medical department that laughes at inmates, makes insulting comments to them and has so little compassion for them that you say they feel they deserve better care than the rest of us, which is an untrue statement, just as another person stated above.

    I pray to God that you never, ever are faced with a loved one who is incarcerated. Don't ever think it couldn't happen to you, it could.

  6. I can see both sides only if the nurses and doctors follow the Hyppocratic oath faithfully. Inmates do deserve at least the level of care that we on the outside receive from our personal doctors - and nothing less. Just because these inmates have made some mistakes doesn't mean that we have the right to treat them less than the animals at the pound. I guarantee you that the animals at the humane society are fed nutritionally better meals than the inmates are fed - and I guarantee you that when an animal is sick there are laws that govern that the animal be treated properly.

    If the doctor at ICC is not treating inmates properly and is laughing at them when they voice their concerns then he should be dismissed. If the hospital where he worked says "Saint Alphonsus removes physicians from patient care who we determine are unsafe to practice medicine" it's a pretty serious matter. Why on earth would ICC hire someone who has this kind of background?

  7. I'm a doctor and would expect all doctors and nurses to abide by the Hippocratic Oath no matter who their patients are, no matter where they work and no matter who they work for.

  8. It seems to me that the doctors and nurses could be strong advocates for insisting that the inmates be fed more nutritional food - more fresh fruit and veggies, as they do at the ISCI. We know for a fact that ISCI has a much better nutrition director who seems to be alot more savy on what a human being needs by way of nutrition in order to survive. This includes whole wheat and grains instead of the white pasta and bread that ICC feeds it's inmates - fresh fruit on a regular basis, not the overcooked mush served in insufficient quantities such as ICC serves it's inmates. Then you add in the equation of the meat product that is outdated and covered in slime that ICC feeds it's inmates.

    The doctor could show ICC the correlation of keeping people well and how that relates to what they are fed.

    If ICC refuses to changes it's horrid habit of feeding it's inmates unnutritional slop then at least off them more choices on commissary such as wheat germ, dried fruit choices, perhaps apples or oranges or salad in the unit vending machines. At least give the inmates the opportunity to care for themselves if ICC won't.

  9. I would like to know why IDOC finds this limited medical care 'acceptable' for the ratio of inmates. Isn't ICC under contract with IDOC? ICC is profiting off the state of Idaho however they are only concerned with meeting contractual agreements (questionalbe at that). If ICC provides limited unacceptable medical staff per inmates and inept food then who should we be looking at? Governor, IDOC. This is a very wrong system and ICC isn't going to step up to the plate as long as they don't have to. Where is the Health Board in these matters? Looking the other way too or needs a court order to make demands of acceptablity.

  10. Good idea D. Those of us who have an inmate at ICC need to call the Health Department, the Governor, the IDOC, ACLU and perhaps the media to insist that the problem of poor medical care and poor nutrition at the ICC be investigated and addressed.

    How long can we sit by and allow this institution to continue on in their human flesh for profit business. The dollar signs they are seeing predisposes the fact that men are suffering from poor medical treatment and poor nutrition at the ICC.

    And I'm sure this website has taken statements from not only inmates but from families and those who have witnessed first hand the deteriation of a loved ones health and the complete lack of intelligence and compassion amongst those who work in the medical department at the ICC.(several exceptions I'm sure)

  11. Prison Watch of IdahoJuly 20, 2011 at 12:21 PM

    A note from Prison Watch of Idaho:

    It is apparent that quite a few of our PWI followers have personal experiences to tell in regards to the medical treatment their loved one has received at the ICC.

    It may be more appropriate to email me with your stories and concerns and we can then pass them along to the proper department.

    If any of you who have personal stories in regards to the medical department at the ICC, you may email Prison Watch of Idaho at allforaccountability@gmail.com

  12. I am (the person who sees both sides)... I myself have questioned the nutrition in prison (period). Not just ICC. I think the best system is developing the land around a prison and having the inmates cultivate the land and produce their own food. This would employ more inmates, thus providing them with some money, promoting work ethic, as well as harvesting fresh food for inmate consumption. The benefits from this alone would be huge!! More fresh food=healthier people in general. Being employed creates a sense of self worth and reason to move forward. Creating inmate labor decreases outside cost, as well as efficient use of their time. There have also been multiple studies done on the direct effect of nutrition on mood and violence.
    Before I ever started working for the prison system I pursued the idea of inmate farms in Idaho, but was shut down rather quickly. Again, I do care. Yes! An employee of ICC medical staff cares, and I can assure you every inmate that knows me or knows of me, would say the same. That is why I do what I do. I have never NEEDED the outward recognition. I know they appreciate me when they open up to me, or ask for help.
    I believe anyone could be he who is characterized by where he resides.

  13. To the person who sees both sides, I agree with you. Even though I have a loved one who is incarcerated in the ICC I am told about certain prison personnel who are professional yet who show kindness and respect. This promotes respect.

    I'm not sure who you are I want to thank you and the others who are working there who are professional and kind, who work there not for just a paycheck, not to throw your weight around, not to be a little Hitler, but to do your job to the best of your ability, to show the inmates that not all authority figures are tyrants and to perhaps change the system little by little. We are forever grateful to you.

    Perhaps we should have a forum that honors you and those who have your mindset. We should post your names and then post the names of those who laugh at inmates, who make rude insulting comments to the inmates. Seriously, I know that we family members and our loved ones are able to survive that nasty system because of how you act towards our loved ones and how you act towards us in visitation. You will never know just how much we appreciate each of you who are kind.

    Then, I might add that it's a shame that the powers that be would not listen to you or us when we beg them to allow the system to turn over the fresh vegetables to the prison - not just give it all to the food bank. These inmates are literally dieing a slow death from lack of fresh vegetables and obviously the warden doesn't care, nor does CCA care or they would do something about it.

    This is my point - if the medical staff at ICC CONTINUED to advocate for fresh vegetables and fruit along with whole grains for the inmates , if family members of inmates CONTINUED to scream their concerns to not only ICC but CCA, and the state of Idaho, perhaps we would see some changes. It's a long hard road but we can't give up. These men are DIEING from malnoutrition. I've heard that the nutritionist counts CALORIES not Nutritional Value of meals. If that is true it's unconscionable.

    My question is what is wrong with CCA and ICC that they, for the most part, hire inept ignorant people in the nutritional department to appease the state of Idaho. And how ignorant is the state of Idaho when they will allow an institution to feed it's inmates according to a standard of calories. If I'm wrong, please, someone correct me. But I also want answers as to why the inmates are fed outdated slimy meat, occasional canned veggies with ALL the nutrition boiled out of them, little to no fruit and white pasta and bread continually. It's disgusting and shame on Warden Wengler, shame on ICC, shame on the state of Idaho and shame on CCA. They have no business placing profit over the well being of people who are vulnerable and unable to feed themselves.

  14. Person of both sides...I totally agree on the farming and posted the same suggestion way back. I believe the ISCI or ICSI ? down the road has a small farm. They were donating their potatoes to the food bank. If ICC is wanting to cut cost, provide nutrition and allow these guys to work off nervous energy then it would be perfect. How and who would one approach this Highly needed non-profit field of dreams? It's all farm land so this shouldn't be an issue. Who was it that shot you down so we know not to go there?

  15. I just want to applaud the person speaking for both sides. I was an inmate at ICC and ISCI for years. I agree that there are a lot of staff in medical who work very hard and do their best to provide adequate and humane treatment to inmates. Unfortunately they are not regarded with respect by some of the other staff or inmates either. This is a systemic problem exacerbated by greed and laziness. I have seen first hand the denial of treatment, or even of blood tests to diagnose conditions that may require treatment because of money. I have had doctors tell me to my face that if I were on the outside I would be able to get better treatment. I agree that the health problems are caused by several components including lack of healthy food, sunlight, exercise, and even stools so that inmates can get in and out of a top bunk without ruining their knees.
    I feel very grateful that my crime was such that I was able to be released and finally get the testing and treatment I needed for a chronic illness I have. Unfortunately the only way besides release I have seen people get the medical care they need was through legal action. The prisons have been very careful to systematically remove as much of their law libraries as possible and do everything they can to discourage people from seeking legal relief.
    People make mistakes. Some of these mistakes lead to incarceration. But the prison sentence is the punishment, and inmates should not be further punished inside of a prison by denial of basic human rights. I am just very happy for the few staff members who helped me remember that there are ethical people in the world and helped me to stay positive through my time there.

  16. @Speaking from both sides...As the wife of an inmate at ICC I want to say thank you for doing your job with a sense of pride and caring for those you see. I know it is a demanding and at times demeaning job. While there are so many things that are broken within the system not only here, but just about every where in our country, those people who work with in the walls who truly care about those who they work with, while few and far between, deserve recognition and our gratitude. Keep up the good work and know that at least one person does appreciate what you do.

  17. WE should post those who treat inmates as human beings, ( remember Senator John McGee is now convicted of a crime, though the chances he will see one day inside the prison are very remote). If he were at ICC, would he get the same treatment as the other inmates, or would "an exception" be made in his case. Would Dr. Agler treat him as he treats the rest of the inmates?
    I'm not afraid to put my name to this; Why should you, if everyone in IDO's employ is professional & there's no retaliation?

  18. "if the medical staff at ICC CONTINUED to advocate for fresh vegetables and fruit along with whole grains for the inmates , if family members of inmates CONTINUED to scream their concerns to not only ICC but CCA, and the state of Idaho, perhaps we would see some changes"

    The difference, unfortunately, is that there are a team of family members, and I would presume rather few "advocate" emnployees. I would also imagine that it is not a popular position for these employees. If we ask them to get too loud, then they will be shushed.... And what are we left with? Staff who don't care....

  19. First of all, this is the biggest load of crap I've read in a long time! As for the food, I worked at ICC for many years, and ate the food daily, up to 3 meals a day when working a 16hr. shift! I was gratefull that ICC afforded me those meals as it was often times BETTER than I would have eaten without them!

    As for the fresh fruit, you want to know the REAL reason inmates want it, and why they don't get it? It's because they will take it and hoard it in their toilets untill it's rotten enough to be considered "alcohol!" And then they drink the $#^#! There's a reason they call it "the farm." IDOC learned their lesson with the bathtub gut-rot a long time ago. It is the responsibility of ICC to do everything in their power to prevent inmates from becoming intoxicated. If that means less fresh fruit, the inmate population has no one to blame but themselves! I believe it is somewhere around 90% of those convicted commetted their crimes while under the influence. ...but go ahead and advocate...and enable because there is no extreme that an addict won't go to to get their fix, or money(to buy that candy bar from the vending machine) or lie to their family in chasing the high! And just because YOUR inmate may not be an addict or alcoholic doesn't mean he can't get what he wants from one that is.

    I would like to know what this so called "medication" is? ...pepto bismol, an antacid? Last I checked, you can't get any type of legitimate medication without a prescription, let alone medications from commissary! If this inmate was not indigent, why didn't he buy his "medication" when the $ hit his books, instead of expecting the state to provide something for him that he is perfectly capeable of providng for himself? ...Ya, I read between the lines...(I also know the rules as well as any inmate)but your "insie source" neglected to tell you that part didn't he?

    ...just a few words of the HONEST truth about life inside the prison. Consider it next time you don't know what your "advocating" for.

  20. Dang! You have some real issues and noted you stated past tense 'worked' at ICC or an Inmate? Anger issues? We as families realize that quality and value in food makes a hudge difference in how individuals function emotionally. You can't drive a car without gas or oil. As Connie and other documents have posted and indicated there is far less aggression with appropropriate nutrician. There is no quality in the food being provided which is the point. It's appreciated that you appreciated the food offered however it's not acceptable and of no value.
    This isn't simply a Fruit issue.

  21. Amen, this isn't just a fruit issue but using the excuse that some inmates might make alcohol with the rotten fruit is the lamest excuse for denying inmates an adequate nutrional diet that I've ever heard. How on earth can they use that as an excuse (although I know that they do use this excuse at ICC) So why does the ISCI feed it's inmates so much better than ICC does? They actually feed inmates fresh fruit and veggies on a regular basis!

    And think again on the fruit being turned into alcohol - aren't there regular inspections of cells when obviously the fruit mash would be discovered with the inmate being disciplined for it.

    Seems like ICC should be more cognizant of the drugs that are being smuggled in and concentrate on feeding the inmates a more nutritional diet. Is it a matter of money? I'm sure it saves alot of money by not feeding the inmates fresh fruit and veggies and by feeding them outdated slimy meat. It also saves money to feed inmates according to calories instead of nutritional values.

    ICC makes me sick and doesn't deserve any kind of respect. Obviously they are ONLY money motivated and not interested in the physical or mental health of inmates.

    And as far as you "reading between the lines" you are completely wrong and know nothing about that inmates issues. He HAS been paying for his medication directly to the doctor because he has a chronic condition. Suddenly this doctor cut him off without warning leaving the inmate to wait two weeks in order to buy it from commissary. THAT is the issue. His condition is very problematic and dangerous and is chronic, caused by another prescription drug the doctor is giving him. Before spouting off your "reading between the lines" I suggest you say nothing unless you know the whole story.

    You act as if it's ok to deny inmates nutrition diets. Your attitude sickens me.

  22. I want to applaude the inmate from ICC and ISCI to help us realize what is real and not. We need more of you to speak out as it helps us validate what we know is happening within this system. Thank you! Write more if you can and encourage others to so that can perhaps make something right.

  23. I would like to know how many of you have actually eaten a meal at ICC yourselves before you start complaining about something, as I said before, you know nothing about. Ask prison staff how often they have salad, or bananas?(foods that cannot be made into alcohol as easilly) As for the post regarding the cell searches, it's not as simple as you so ignorantly think! On average, there are 88 inmates in each G.P. unit...only 9 cell searches in a 24 hr. period - 3 per shift. The inmates rotate the rotton fruit throughout all of the 44 cells, taking into consideration which ones have been recently searched. It makes it nearly impossible to find, before you walk into a unit and it's already to late -
    If the officers search the same cell to often, it's harrassment!

    There are a few good families, and a few good inmates. The sad truth however, is that the majority are not! It seems to me, that many of these families "advocating" for things like their inmates having access to alcohol(fresh fruit) should take a good hard look at how they contributed to them going to prison in the first place, instead of claiming that the "lack of fresh fruit" is why the inmates are violent!!!!

    As for the inmate and the medication, if it was available on the commissary, why was he paying the Dr. for it in the first place? ...something doesn't add up, whole story or not!

    Why don't all of you who are REALLY concerned and not just looking at someone to blame for your loved one being taken from you, do something that would actually make a difference? Spend your time and energy into advocating for more halfway houses for those released, own up to your own inadequacies as parents, spouses, and family members and become the support many of them have never had, or develop more community ties with local businesses so offenders can actually have a chance at employment immediately upon release?

    Anger issues? HELL YES!!! How many of you out there "advocating" could read file after file after file of the next inmate on your caseload who was beaten, neglected, molested, had an addicted family, raised in a gang, etc., etc., etc...and by who? Sertainly not the system. Yet it's the system, and specifically staff who are left to deal with the mess, trying to undue a lifetime of negative influences and bad habits.
    Diet is the least of your concerns!

  24. Yes, we know ALOT about the food at ICC. We've heard not only from inmates but from ICC staff that confirms what we have been saying. And what does it matter whether ICC staff has salad or banannas? Does ICC feed inmates sufficient salad with romaine lettuse (iceberg lettuce has no nutritional value at all) and how many times do they feed inmates banannas?

    S0, again, why nutritionally starve 100's of inmates for the misdeeds of a few? ISCI feeds it's inmates fruit and they've been in the corrections business WAY longer than ICC, so now what's your excuse?

    And as far as the inmate who was paying the doctor for the medication it didn't add up to us either so I suggest that the Doctor be investigated becuase what I told you was the truth.

    And I take offense at your insinuations that it's the families that contribute to our inmates going to prison. What an ignorant biased comment. Yes, I'm sure some families are not such a great influence but many many of us raised our children well and had a good, clean family life. We, as parents had good strong values and taught them to our children.

    And YES the lack of proper nutrition DOES contribute to violence. There have been many studies conducted on this very issue. And what gives you the credentials to differ with the scientific studies?

    I KNOW what really matters and we ARE actively advocating for more halfway houses, we ARE writing letters to the governor and to our legislators. Are they listening? NO and therein lies the problem. So it IS the system we are blaming.

    And as far as staff, let me tell you what we as families have to deal with in regards to certain staff. Take for instance the Sargeant in charge of visitation. She is a total tyrant. Rude to visitors and families, threatening them, threatening the inmate with a writeup if his family member happens to say hello to another family member in the visitation room, when the inmate was not even present. Why the heck can that Sargeant say there is a rule against talking to another family member. I've seen it nowhere listed in the written rules. It's another way that ICC staff throws their weight around and acts like little Hitlers. Now she is one of the only staff that has acted like that towards family members of inmates but it makes the rest of you look really bad too.

    You have NO idea what we are doing to help remedy these situations, to make things more tolerable for not only inmates but for their families and friends. You have NO idea what kind of advocacy we are doing - and may I ask what YOU are doing to make a real difference in the prison system?

    The system IS broken. I know from experience. I have court document after document to prove what I'm saying. And the prison system (ICC) is broken too when they refuse to address the poor nutrition, when they continue to allow tyrants like the lady in visitation to reak havor and fear upon us who have done nothing more than to politely ask one another how they are doing?

    And diet IS one of our greatest concerns. Read the studies on what poor nutrition does to the mind and to the body over time. We are very concerned because one day these inmates are going to be released into your neighborhood. What then?

    I'm sorry for those inmates who were beaten, neglected, molested and lived in addicted families. That was not the conditions of our home and never has been so stop making generalizations. It would be very nice if you could see why we are so concerned and then join us and do your part to try to change what is wrong within the system instead of throwing out all of these excuses.

  25. I sure agree with the person who talked about the older lady who is in charge of visitation. She has gone out of her way to make us miserable for years. If we smile at one another she gives us the death squint. If we say hello or speak to one of the other visitors she threatens us with loosing our visits. She had denied viists to peole for no reason other than she found a ticket that she said was not paid or something to that effect which was totally wrong but it gave her great delight lording over people. She is a representation of ICC and I don't understand why they let her get away with being so mean to all of us. Too bad because as the other person said, it reflects on the other prison guards and it also reflects on ICC..... it's REALLY bad PR for them.

  26. As the wife of an inmate who has dealt with ICC visitation for many years I understand why a prison must have rules. I also must say that my husband and I follow ALL of the rules. We are very polite and respectful of all the visitation staff and we go to great lengths to do what the rules say. But I have never seen it written anywhere that tells us not to talk to other visitors. This makes very little sense to me.

    In the first place we are all so traumatized by having our loved one imprisoned. We are traumatized by having to say goodbye at the end of the day and seeing the tears in each others eyes. We are doing our best at making a bad situation tolerable.

    I don't understand why we are not allowed to speak to each other. It's not like we stand and talk and visit for long minutes. We acknowledge one another, say hello, say a few words as we are standing at the microwave, and once in awhile if someone speaks to us we are polite and we listen for a minute or respond if they ask if we are ok.

    This supposed unpublished rule is cruel and makes a very bad situation worse. It is another way of reminding us that we are less than human.

    This lady's unkindness is taking a toll on each of us and is mental cruelty in my book. If it's a "rule" than print it in the rules and we will abide by it. Don't threaten us with having our visits cut if we are polite and say a few words to one another.

  27. As a former inmate I can attest to several friends of mine being killed by the so called medical care. As for the person who thinks inmates do not deserve adequate medical care.. hopefully you or your family will never have to experience the "care" which passes muster in Idaho

  28. I just visited my husband Sunday at I.c.c. And the elderly man who is in charge of visiting is rude. As for the food...my husband says he prefers ICC to isci because at ICC he gets fed three times a day on the weekends as opposed to isci where its only twice a day on the weekends. And on the medical, I think each prison should have an adequate number of doctors to inmates.

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  30. Apologies for not coming back sooner. It looks as though we will lose this blog as I can't find a way to renew the domain name and Google are being less than helpful.

    Please try the Prison Watch Idaho Facebook page