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Thursday, July 14, 2011

David Dutt, a wrongfully convicted man, is denied parole because he refuses to admit to a crime he did not commit.

by Anonymous

David Dutt, a wrongfully convicted man, was denied parole June 7th and told to take a test.  We believe it is  a test called SORAG,  Olivia Craven was the one that told him and we  are finding that the sorag test is unreliable so why are they using it?

To Read David's Story Click on the Link Below:

The Innocent Prisoners Dilemma


Showing remorse for the crime for which they he/she was sentenced increases a prisoner’s chances of parole; the parole board wants to see contrition, wants to see the individual accept the charges, faults and responsibility the court defined many years previous.

One problem. What if the offender was wrongfully convicted? What if he or she IS innocent? The situation becomes Kafkaesque; he or she must agree to a terrible and false scenario (their agency in a crime) in order to escape a much worse scenario (further imprisonment). If an innocent man or woman acknowledges responsibility in order to curry favour, they then become the writers not only of their own history but of their own future. The individual will be forever tied to his or her parole record and the “admission” of guilt. 
Herbert Murray’s story is shocking. He spent more than 29 years in prison (he was eligible for parole after 15). Murray only got out due to advanced interventions from his original lawyer and the Second Look Clinic at Brooklyn Law School.


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  1. Why are we allowing the system to continue it's death grip on certain inmates? Is there no relief for a person who continues to profess their innocence? Here in Idaho even the judges refuse to study the so called evidence or lack thereof in these cases. Yes, not everyone is innocent but in a case such as this one and in the Scott Molen case the lack of evidence and the blatant misconduct of prosecutors is OBVIOUS. What I'm saying is that if anyone actually studied these cases they would see that there was a concerted effort to railroad these men because of the nature of the accusation. In other words it was a straight up witch hunt. Idaho's legal system is twisted and corrupt.

  2. They are doing the same to my brother it is wrong

  3. they did the samething to my wife