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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Innocent behind bars in an Idaho Prison -The Unjust Imprisonment of Scott Molen

By William N. Grigg
Pro Libertate

When he was a free man: Scott Molen (right) enjoys a snowboarding trip with a friend.

Molen is presently serving a prison sentence for a crime he didn't commit -- a fact acknowledged by one of the people responsible for putting him behind bars.

"When you boil the whole thing down and look at it," comments Ken McKay regarding the conviction of Boise resident Scott Molen on charges of sexual misconduct with his step-granddaughter, "there wasn't a single shred of evidence."


Written by Joseph Simnovec
Submitted by Joseph Simnovec

Stuck here in this place full of steel.
The money didn't get me no deal.
Time, this time the time is for real.
How could this be happening to me?
why?  why?   why?    why me?

I could not do that  -   no, not me.
You got the wrong guy don't you see?
I would not do that -  let me be
I told you the truth.  Set me free.
no,   no,   no,    no not me.

"You, You were a bad boy
you're gonna do the time"
"you're lawyer wasn't good enough
jail time -  a big fine."
"your hairs to long, your clothes are too dirty
if it was up to me
I would give you more then thirty."

"how do you think that we're gonna live?
We're gonna squeeze your money
your gonna have to give.When you're all dried up we're gonna feel better.
If the systems at fault, you can always send a letter."

Help.    I must be in a bad dream
and now - now you can see what I mean.

help,   help,   help..... help me

Time passes so fast, I never felt so low.
Hope I'm gonna last, where did it all go?

I've been in this trap for so long.
How can we let the monster go on?
Don't forget me another day...
In the end we all have to pay.

free, free, free,    FREE ME!


  1. When I read Scott Molen's case, I become sorely reminded of how one's life can change ever so suddenly based on a "perfect storm" of events and a combination of characters - all meeting at the precise moment to take someone's life and work every angle to destroy it. Why is it is in this country that when someone refuses to accept a lenient plea deal do we not listen more carefully to what that means? Doesn't it make sense that is someone is not guilty they would want their very name cleared? That to accept anything less is an enormous assault on their very integrity and character? So why then do prosecutors make it their very mission to take that person down? Seems to me it should be the other way around. Why would anyone accept guilt for something they did not do?
    Connie - continue your passionate advocation for your husband. I don't understand how any person can sleep at night knowing full well that they have manipulated a situation to meet their agenda or their view. It horrifies me that it could happen to any one person in this country and we need to pause and remember that Scott is a person that matters. Not a criminal but a human being who is paying a huge price to accommodate someone elses unwillingness to hear the truth.

  2. Extract:
    "I don't understand how any person can sleep at night knowing full well that they have manipulated a situation to meet their agenda or their view".

    the answer to that is that they sleep very well because they have no conscience and do not care about anybody apart from their climb up their career ladder.

    These aliens are devoid of any human feeling, sympathy or empathy.

    They are cold, unfeeling sad, nasty individuals.

  3. The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it.
    Albert Einstein

  4. Anyone even remotely rational and fair who reads about Scott Molen's case will seriously question how our criminal justice system works.

  5. This is a horrible story of government gone wrong. And hey, Idaho, some of the players who railroaded this man are still in office including Governor Butch Otter who also must "condone" such behaviors because he has yet to pardon this man or at the very least call for an investigation. He told one person who wrote him a letter begging him to act, "Get him a lawyer".

    Great advice Mr. Otter, especially when you SHOULD know that this man and his family have lost everything, including tens of thousands of dollars spent on a drunk inept attorney.

    This is a perfect example of why we need to educate ourselves on the history and antics of those who are running for office this coming election and vote out those who are already in office and have done next to nothing to make sure Idaho's public servants uphold our Constitution.

  6. Why does this go on? for the same reason the german people didn't rise up against Hitler. Apathy, then fear of reprisal, then extermination for speaking out. Just remember,the hollocaust really did happen, and is about to happen again, if we don't rise up against the barbaric treatment of Gestapo type police; Judges ,Prosecutors, etc. They all started out as just guys doing their job. We really aren't far from this right now.

  7. please help me save my son ron joslin any advice please

  8. Re: Ron Joslin... if you would like to communicate anonymously about your son, you can email me at: allforaccountability@gmail.com.

  9. To balance the system and the injust, those wrongfully accused should be offered free legal counsel. Or perhaps someone should set up a good Non-profit agency to fund such causes if one doesn't already exist. It's sad and it's too bad the team of prosecutors can't be sued back for everything they have lost. It's just sick and wrong that this is allowed to happen to innocent people. Connie, keep being strong. You are amazing.

  10. The toll that a wrongful conviction takes on a family is unimaginable. It sometimes forces a productive family into poverty which in turn places a burden on society. Family relationships are sometimes strained beyond repair, grandchildren grow up without grandparents, children grow up without fathers or mothers. It is one of the most devastating occurances a person and their family will have to endure.

    You're so right anonymous when you say that there should be some type of organization that we can lean on for assistance with legal counsel. But there's nothing available and so we continue to struggle, praying that someday someone will listen and see the horrible wrongs that were perpetrated...and make them right.

  11. Especially during this holiday season I think about this poor family and what they are enduring.....all the way from the child,her mother,brothers and sisters, the grandmother and grandfather, all the siblings, and the list goes on. doesn't the prosecutor and those that lost evidence and those that made false reports realize that a whole generation of people have been torn apart by their misconduct and unconscionable behaviors? Shame on them and may they someday feel the tremendous heartache they have caused.

  12. One has to understand that when an innocent person is under attack, its like being met in an alley, alone amidst a gang of thugs, heavily armed with their destructive weapons and by their sheer numbers and you are only armed with your God given desire to fight to survive! You have no back up and you are unprepared for this life threatening fight against the insurmountable resources of the enemy you face.

    You are in a battle against fear. The fear of a society that refuses to examine and understand, without prejudice, the realities surrounding false allegations of sexual abuse. The fear of accepting the fact that children do lie and are easily mislead and convinced of false memories by selfish and vindictive adults. The fear of juries having to decide on whether to protect the innocence of the accused; or that of a presumed uninfluenced word of a child.

    The state, the courts and the jury fail to examine the collateral damage resulting from wrongful convictions. The feel good sense of justice doesn’t consider the family of the falsely accused; the children without their Dad; the wife without her husband; the sibling without their brother; the parents without their son and the loss of all financial assets in a battle against a system with unlimited resources and allies which has only one soul desire; the desire to win. A battle often lost by the unprepared accused, unable to arm themselves equally against their aggressor; stands in battle with only their presumption of innocence.

    They say “knowledge is power” but they also say “that you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t force it to drink”. Everyone must continue to share their stories and the realities surrounding false allegations, wrongful convictions, the realities and dangers of prison and the system’s refusal to accept responsibility for the injustices they commit in the process of destroying many innocent lives.

  13. Is there any progress on getting this case to a higher power at this time?

  14. A news reporter has taken an interest and is working on a story to bring more media attention and best of all the Idaho Innocence Project has taken the case "unofficially", meaning that where there is no DNA to prove innocence they will do what they can to help. Thank you so much for asking.

  15. This is great news Connie! We are all rooting for you guys. There needs to be someone to stand up for the wrongfully convicted and be not afraid to make changes. Judges, defense lawyers and prosecutors need to feel the wrath of a system they represent and take an oath to uphold, but don't. Praise God and keep looking up. My prayers and support are with you and yours!

  16. Thank you so much Gary. Your prayers, friendship and support mean to world to us. It's been a very long road and will continue to be but we will keep up the fight no matter how long it takes. Our prayers are with you too.

  17. Is there any progress with the media attention and Idaho Innocence Project to take your case on at this point?

  18. Yes, The Idaho Innocence Project has officially taken Scott's case. I met with their attorney, the paralegal and the legal assistant yesterday. We've begun discussing a game plan and we move forward from here. They are absolutely wonderful people and dedicated to freeing the wrongfully convicted. We are very blessed that they took an interest and can see that Scott is innocent.

    As far as media attention I'm not sure what they would be able to do at this point. Right now we're concentrating on the post conviction and doing absolutely all we can do to show what the legal system did to hide evidence, "loose evidence", etc.. Media would be nice but we're swamped just documenting all the abuses of power and the incompetence of some key players.

    Thank you so much for asking

  19. Connie said: "Yes, The Idaho Innocence Project has officially taken Scott's case. I met with their attorney, the paralegal and the legal assistant yesterday. We've begun discussing a game plan and we move forward from here. They are absolutely wonderful people and dedicated to freeing the wrongfully convicted. We are very blessed that they took an interest and can see that Scott is innocent".

    Great news Connie - I shall be praying for justice to prevail in this case. Lots of love and huggles xxx

  20. Please keep us in the loop on progress. It gives hope to us for you and others in similar and unjust situations to know there really is a means. It's hard in so many many ways to fight for the Right against the Wrong!
    Stay Strong!

  21. What's happening with Scott's case? any relief?

  22. kootenai county is very corrupt, many people think this, something majorly wrong here, needs to be investigated. Bails are way high, people forced to plead guilty even when innocent, my son was put in solitary confinement 23 hour day lockdown alone, no history of violence, no crime really, someone took out protective order, it should have never been issued, no proof on it all hear say, thats the problem in this county, too many cases all hear say with no proof, attorneys not doing the jobs they get paid to do, i believe its actually called grand theft of an individuals money, but they get away with it, no laws to protect the public against attys in this state, my son is actually serving 5 years for a crime as they call it that isnot a crime, he spent 20 months in solitary confinement, this is barbaric. cant get anyone to do anything, what the heck is going on in this country? and now kootenai county wants a bigger jail, for what, you people need to open up your eyes, get involved, go down the jail and observe, do you really want to pay more taxes for them to lock up people that they shouldnt? Prison is for murderers, rapists, armed robbery, you all know what I mean, but make sure even with this that these people are guilty without a doubt. At the rate we are going any one of us can be put behind bars for absolutely nothing. BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The problem is that this is a money making business, all political, i mean look if they werent locking everyone up we wouldnt need police, courts, court perosnnel, judges, attorneys, clerks, the list of occupations goes on and on, this would definitely be unemployment big time. so, instead we just keep increasing the populations in prison and keep destroying peoples lives to keep people employed and this is no way to live. I myself have lost 28 thousand dollars, i am a senior citizen and feel like i have been majorly swindled by an attorney. My son is the victim and so am I. So why isnt the attorney in jail, right along with the judge, it says right in discovery that someone played a trick on him, where is the justice? BEWARE YOU COULD BE NEXT!!!!!!!

    I never knew Scott but years ago read about his case. If ever there was a case built on just about nothing, this is it !! and his so-called defense, it would be laughable if it wasn't so disgraceful. Scott is in a very very bad situation right now, falsely accused, stuck in a private prison that has atrocious conditions and with little hope of his case being overturned. He NEEDS a decent attorney. Can someone please recommend one ? pwpw63@yahoo.com patricia w., Baltimore